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Choose a Serviced Apartment for Your Next Extended Trip

The topic of serviced apartments versus hotel accommodations comes up quite often, especially when you're planning an extended business trip. When your job dictates that you stay in a remote location for business reasons, or for when you're sent overseas to conclude a business deal, extended stay apartments will always be the better choice.

Serviced Apartments: The Best Of Both Worlds

Serviced apartment rentals are essentially furnished apartments that give you comforts and conveniences not found in a typical hotel. You get the best aspects of staying in a hotel and experiencing a cozy, home-like environment. This holds true for both short and long term accommodations.

Corporate Keys corporate rental apartments will be your first choice in terms of providing absolute comfort and a hassle-free experience on your business trip. Here are some excellent reasons why Corporate Keys is fast becoming the serviced apartment of choice:

  1. Spacious Living

    Have you ever experienced arriving after a long-haul flight or an exhausting road trip and see your hotel room is no bigger than a walk-in closet? It's pretty frustrating, to say the least. Serviced apartments are not limited in space like hotels are, providing you ample room to rest and relax. You'll have a separate kitchen area for when you wish to cook, and a laundry area for washing your clothes. There's a definite divide between business and relaxation. You can have your lounge as a functional meeting room instead of going to a noisy restaurant. You'll be able to work better at an actual table instead of using your hotel bed as a workstation. In general, serviced apartments have a 30% advantage of space than most hotel rooms, but ours are up to 50% more.

  2. Budget-Friendly

    Our short stay apartments hold the distinction of being wallet-friendly and offering high-quality living accommodations. Companies who send out employees regularly may find themselves at a bind in costly hotel rooms, but if they choose Corporate Keys, they will have more room to budget to more important business expenses and not sacrifice quality of living spaces.

    Get luxury accommodations at a more cost-effective price with Corporate Keys. Business apartment rentals are the more practical choice in many aspects. You'll get a comfortable lodging, complete with a fully-furnished kitchen and laundry facilities. You can potentially save more and enjoy a home-cooked meal. You can also store grocery foods and meals inside the provided refrigerators. You will have the option to dine in or dine out, as well as do your own laundry inside the comforts of a serviced apartment.

  3. Your Home Away from Home

    Business executives know how a hotel room can evoke that lonely atmosphere which reminds them they are not truly home. Most have discovered that a better long term accommodation is a serviced apartment that evokes a certain "home away from home" charm most hotel rooms don't have. Instead of a cramped, cold space, you get warm furnishings and comfortable living spaces. You'll find that serviced apartments aren't as cramped, and that there are fewer public areas. Seemingly small amenities such as Wi-Fi, a private land line, music systems, DVD players and a TV adds up and makes your stay a more comfortable one.

  4. Central Location

    Corporate Keys serviced apartments are strategically located to allow you freedom to explore Australia's thriving cultural scene. Most of our apartment rentals are set in the heart of bustling city business districts, which means fewer time spent travelling to and fro business locations and meeting places. The ability to stay within close city hubs will definitely put more zest into your business holiday. As you can see, Corporate Keys has some excellent corporate housing options located nearby central CBDs. You can walk to get to your business meeting, eat out in the best restaurants or shop during business downtime. All of these add up to make your extended trip a memorable experience.

  5. Convenience

    Serviced apartments are one of the best accommodations if you're looking for convenience. Corporate executives who wish to conduct an online conference call, or schedule business meetings on the web can certainly make it happen with relative ease. There are specialized corporate accommodations that beat hotel rooms in that they provide ample business facilities such as fax, high-speed internet, a concierge and competitive laundry services. You won't have to worry about housekeeping services when choosing serviced apartments. We offer the same services as hotels when you wish to have your room cleaned while you are out on business. You literally won't have to do manual labour- our luxury accommodations can fit around your schedule and meet all your business needs.

Corporate Keys Solutions

If you haven't experienced the luxury of staying in a serviced apartment, then now is the time to do so. You'll find that it's hard to get back to renting hotel rooms once you've tasted exquisite living spaces with Corporate Keys' luxurious accommodations. Our company can add in personalized services that make your trip a more pleasurable one.

You can find our outstanding serviced apartments in major cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Our central locations are strategic in minimizing your time to travel in and around the city for business purposes. After the work is done, you can easily enjoy the best of what Australia has to offer in its many restaurants, shopping districts and famous landmark destinations.

Call us when you need a place to stay while relocating, traveling for business or while on corporate assignment. We will meet your accommodation needs and budget. Our mission is to offer executive accommodations on short term apartments to business travellers, relocating employees and project teams. Corporate Keys short stay is the accommodation of choice should you need to stay for more than 28 nights. Corporate Keys residence apartments are preferred by many when they need an extended stay because of home-like amenities not found in most hotel rooms. Corporate Keys serviced apartments are your one-stop corporate housing solution for long and short term stays. Get the best living space available at a fraction of the price.

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