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About Corporate Keys Group

We are Australia's leading provider of integrated accommodation services, including hotels, apartment hotels, furnished corporate apartments and corporate travel management booking services.

Our History | Follow the timeline


The idea for Corporate Keys formed in 2005 when Kathryn Childs, at that time a Human Resources Manager and Vincent Childs, the Engineering Manager for a major process automation company both needed to bring project teams to Australia from other countries. Hotel accommodation was too small and expensive for stays over one month and real estate rentals were too long and logistically challenging with utilities, furniture and other services. So they created Corporate Keys, a company that leases properties long-term and manages the logistics and services to make it easy for guests to stay for as little as four weeks or as long as they like.

Corporate Keys first website.
Corporate Keys first logo.


The company quickly grew, moving to 300 square metres of office space in 2007, launching a new look in 2008 at HR Summit Sydney and doubling to 600 square metres of office space in 2009 to accommodate 30 staff managing up to 300 apartments at a time.

Corporate Keys exhibiting at HR Summit Sydney 2007.


In the following three years we successfully negotiated contracts with long-stay residences in all Australian states enabling Corporate Keys to offer a broader service to corporate clients. This service was rebranded as Corporate Keys International (CKI) and grew rapidly thanks to the power of in-house developed technology making CKI easy to work with for partners and clients alike.


On the back of increased demand from our Australian based clients looking to book extended stay long stays in New Zealand, Corporate Keys New Zealand was launched and began to take on apartments in Wellington and Auckland to meet specific project demands of our clients. Our CKI concept was also expanded, allowing our clients to book their ad hoc extended stay requirements across multiple New Zealand cities.


Leveraging its growing in-house technical capabilities, Corporate Keys launched Hospital Stays, a service that matches medical facilities with nearby accommodation throughout Australia, under the CKI division.


A major change of direction was undertaken in 2017 with Corporate Keys opening its first entire apartment building in Port Melbourne, themed in upscale Hamptons beach style under the new brand The Hamptons Apartments.


A second brand, themed in urban chic Manhattan style was launched in three residential locations as Manhattan Apartments.

Caulfield North - July 2018
Notting Hill - March 2019
Glen Iris - October 2019


A second The Hamptons Apartments location opened in October 2019 in nearby St Kilda.


In 2021 Corporate Keys acquired one of its major competitors Southbank Apartments, enabling the company to cater for shorter stay corporate guests in some of Melbourne's most popular residential buildings.

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What lies ahead?

Corporate Keys continues to expand its coastal The Hamptons Apartments and urban Manhattan Apartments branded buildings with multiple projects underway, and to further develop and roll-out its CKI and Hospital Stays offerings to other markets.

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