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Great Tips to Protect Your Furniture from Your Cat without Declawing

Let’s preface this guide by stating the obvious: cats are awesome and in so many different ways. The combination of their mesmerisingly soft fur and those huge, mysterious eyes, paired with the Instagram-worthy things they do make the common housecat th

Blog / Pets / 2020 April 01, 2020

Cats are undeniably adorable yet mesmerizing. Their huge eyes, soft fur, and silly antics are sure to capture the hearts of many people. But of course, properly caring for cats requires plenty of guidance and training as well. There needs to be an equilibrium between strictness and kindness, especially whenever they get naughty.

A challenge that is common for all cat owners is that their feline friends tend to scratch pretty much everything at home, especially fabric furniture. Individuals who are on the verge of moving may worry about this even more. In order to keep your valued possessions free of scratches, here are a couple of tips that you need to remember.

Cover Your Furniture

The easiest solution to this problem is to put on covers on your furniture. Although they’re not the best-looking since it conceals the beauty of your furniture and it may look out of place, at least they’re effective. You can easily purchase slipcovers at your local home supply store. Choose the appropriate material, shape, type, and size that is suited for your furniture. What’s important is that you pick a material that is durable, washing machine safe, and easily wiped clean. Of course, this is just a temporary fix since cats can still destroy it after some time. If you want them to last a bit longer than usual, then do your best to train your pets as well.

Scent Deterrents To The Rescue

Go to your local pet store to buy scent deterrents and spray them on your furniture and other belongings or areas that you don’t want to be scratched. However, you must remember that scent deterrents don’t actually stop them from scratching. It simply puts them off from going near a specific spot. So if you still want them to sit on the couch with you, then this is not the right choice. But if your goal is to completely make them stay away from the couch, then applying a pet deterrent is your best option. Just remember to spritz again after a couple of days since it wears off.

Get a Scratching Post

Distracting your cat by giving them something else to claw on is another great alternative. However, keep in mind that your cat might return to clawing her favorite chair after a few minutes of playing with the scratching post. Thus, it’s best to give plenty of compliments and rewards to your feline friend every time she plays with the post.

Regularly Trim Their Claws

Another simple method is to have their claws trimmed regularly by the veterinarian. You can even learn to do it by yourself, which will save you time and money. With dull claws, their urge to scratch surfaces decreases while still being able to maintain their balance. This is not, however, similar to declawing since that process significantly affects a cat’s quality of life. Inhuman practices are ill-advised.

Furniture with Fabric Protection

If you plan on getting new furniture, then you might as well opt for those that have built-in fabric protection already. There are furniture companies that specialize in incorporating unique formulas to their fabric to protect and strengthen it. If you’re able to get a hand of furniture from these manufacturers, then it’s a great option as well since it won’t deter your cat from lounging on the furniture.

The Process

First, scold your cat every time they scratch furniture. Repetition will make them associate negative emotions towards clawing certain areas and items in your home. Second, incorporate positive reinforcement whenever they use the scratching post. This is done by putting plenty of catnip on the post, giving her lots of praise, and rewarding her with her favorite treats. Keep in mind that this method can only be successful if you’re able to do it consistently. In other words, you have to be present most of the time during its initial stages. Eventually, your cat will learn to enjoy her new post by herself. Third, don’t forget to give your cat plenty of love and quality time every day. Otherwise, they’ll feel neglected and have the urge to keep scratching your home.

Stick to these tips and you can guarantee that your furniture, walls, floors, plants, and other home items or areas will be claw-free. 

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