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Emergency accommodation

We provide temporary care and shelter while victims get back on their feet. We like to accept all different pets, regardless of a victims income status.
April 22, 2019

Pets are considered family members in many households across the world, so what do you do when they need a temporary placement? You bring them to us! We understand that life happens, and you may need your beloved pet to stay somewhere else for a little while.

Some of these temporary issues may include rehab or a psychiatric stay, older age, natural disasters, financial strain, disabled, or a required hospital stay. We allow pets to be with us for a temporary period until you can care for them again. We accept different pets on a case by case basis.

Pets and Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a serious issue that still happens all around the world. When most people think about domestic violence, they usually think of physical abuse first. Domestic violence is so much more than that.

Along with physical violence, a lot of victims with experience emotional, verbal, and mental abuse as well. And pets are far too often dragged into the couple’s squabbles. Sadly, the pets don’t have a say in these situations and they shouldn’t have to stay in a violent household or be afraid.

Pets may be abused by the abuser to hurt the victim or even threaten the victim with harm to the pet. The abuser may use the pet as a tool of intimidation and coerce the victim into staying in the terrible situation.

Victim counselors have heard many stories of women staying in a horrible situation because of their pets. According to a recent study, 40% of women have stayed in an abuse relationship for an extra three months out of fear for their pets’ safety.

Once women seek refuge, either with family, a friend or a shelter, it may be difficult for them to take their pet with them. Many shelters won’t allow pets due to someone possibly having an allergy. Other family and friends may not want to take on the task of having a pet in their home.

This is why Pets at Risk is very important to many people. We provide temporary care and shelter while victims get back on their feet. We like to accept all different pets, regardless of a victims income status.

This is why we ask you to consider donating to our cause. In a typical year, we spend around $30,000 helping over 50 families and their pets. Your donation can help save a life, human and animal. Victims that know they can bring their pet to us are more likely to leave an abusive situation.

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